December 6, 2012

Anonymous said: You guys should update this blog more frequently. As much as I love SPN, I know there is a ton of problematic shit on the show and it's very important to make sure the SPN fandom doesn't forget it. Keep it with the good work!

I’m trying to, but I don’t know what to speak about ATM.

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November 24, 2012
If this gets 50,000 notes by Jan 1st. I’ll keep my life.



I made it so high because I know it will never get that many notes.

I don’t care if this doesn’t go with your theme, if you can see this then boost the notes.

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October 9, 2012

Does anyone else find it weird/unfair that we know the name of Bobby’s ‘father’ (I hate that the English language has no word for someone who fathers a child but doesn’t act like a father), Ed Singer, but not Bobby’s mother who he fought to protect? I feel it almost, in an odd way, increases her victimization, having no name. The only name she has is Singer. The last name of the man who beat her. 

I say we have a contest to name Bobby’s mom. 

October 4, 2012
Since you need an address for WIC and (In some states) food stamps

How do hunters without cash and mothers/fathers with children who hunt get their kids access to healthy nutritious food? Do they put their kid’s health at risk? Leave their kid with an ex hunter for a couple years until they no longer qualify? What?

September 28, 2012
If I did a Supernatural Race swap…

Do you think people who don’t follow this blog would get mad? 

I haven’t decided for Sam and Dean, but I’m thinking black for Ellen and Jo, Arab for Crowley, Dennis Oh for Cas, Korean for Bobby, and Indian, (subcontinent India), for Gabriel.

What do you all think? Do you have any input?

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September 19, 2012
The Breakdown of Hunters in Supernatural

Season One: Ten hunters appear or are mentioned. All but one, Missouri, are male and of the ones we see, only one is non-white, again, Missouri.

Season two: In this season nine hunters appear. Of them, eight appear on screen. Again, only one is non-white, and EVIL, Gordon Walker, and only two, Ellen and Jo, are female.

Season Three: So far, the most diverse season. Ten hunters appear. Half are of colour. Only one is female.

Season Four: Thirteen hunters are mentioned, only eleven appear. None are non-white, four are female.

Season Five: Thirteen hunters appear. None are non-white. Three are female. 

Season Six:  Thirteen hunters appear. We see ten of them. None of the ones we see are non-white, one is female.

Season Seven: Eleven hunters appear. None are non-white. Three are female. 

Grand total, there were seven non-white hunters, twelve female hunters. Subtracting all of the multiples of appearances, forty-one hunter total appear. 

Why is this a problem? 

Well, simple. Twenty-seven point six percent of the population is non-white, which one would expect to be mirrored in the hunter population, but, in fact, only seventeen percent of the hunter population is non-white. And the sex ratio is roughly fifty/fifty, but in Supernatural it’s 29/71. 

September 17, 2012
Any ideas for article topics?

Real life currently has me exceptionally frazzled, but I don’t want this blog to die because of it. 

September 17, 2012
Sorry there haven’t been updates of late; I’m dealing with a breakup.

Not with Starry, but with my other partner and it’s stressful. We’ll be back in full swing soon.


September 15, 2012
Sorry about the lack of TWs on the last post; I fixed it.

I was half asleep when I posted that. 


September 15, 2012
Sam Winchester: So good the prostitute forgets to get paid.

Not to hijack someone else’s post, but that annoyed the shit out of me. As a sex worker, yes, there are clients I like and who I find attractive. However, I know almost no sex workers who would have free sex with a client and then give them their personal number SO THEY COULD HAVE SEX AGAIN WHEN THEY WERE OFF!

No, guys. Here’s the thing the media doesn’t seem to get. Being a sex worker means you keep your identity private. In the time I’ve been a sex worker, only one client has known my real name, because it was my first time using paypal and I still had it as a personal account and I didn’t know how to switch it over to a business account. NONE of them were given my phone number. Period. 

The thing about in person sex work, from the stories I’ve heard from other sex workers though I haven’t experienced myself because I, like I said, am a camgirl, is that a client who seems really awesome the first two nights might try to RAPE OR KILL YOU the next night.

Also, this particular episode frustrated me because there are enough asshole clients saying, ‘hey, I’m good looking, maybe I can get a discount’ or ‘maybe you should be paying me’. (I’m not in person and I still get that shit.) We don’t need mass media enforcing this stereotype. 

No. Like seriously, this episode frustrated me so much I had to take a two week break from SPN before I returned. 

What could the writers have done to make it better? Simple. Either cut that whole exchange, make the sex worker a fan of the SPN books and think Sam looks like Sam from the books, or-I DON’T KNOW- make it a trap to kill Sam?

That scene wasn’t necessary.

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